Agency / Velvet Hammer Design
Client / Unbutton Consulting

IT consulting group, who believes in keeping it professional
and at the same time, staying casual. 

Well & Good Project
Agency / HealthEd Group
Client / HealthEd Group

A get active and stay healthy initiative by HealthEd Group.
An internal health program intented for growth outwards,
spreading to third party vendors, partners and clients.

Joely Rae Jewelry Brochure
Agency / Velvet Hammer Design
Client / Joely Rae Jewelry

Joely Rae Jewelry promotional brochure, featuring
some of the jeweler's rare and classic designs.

Simple Disability Insurance Identity
Agency / Velvet Hammer Design
Client / Simple Disability Insurance

Simple Disablity Insurance is rewriting the process
of insurance sales by building a direct partnership
between the BGAs, brokers and clients.


Agency / Velvet Hammer Design
Client / AmicCARE

Peer-to-Peer (Marketplace) lenders to provide
efficient and innovative funding solutions that
are fair, transparent, and affordable.

Digital Content Technologies Logo
Agency / Velvet Hammer Design
Client / Sony Pictures Entertainment

Internal technical group for Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The team responsible for technical support for the companies
top executives and safe guarding the creation and distribution
of sensitive assets within the company. 

bymrtn Logo
Client / bymrtn Arts & Crafts

bymrtn is handcrafted merchandise ranging
from printed work to indoor or outdoor furniture.